August 26, 2007

At least 1 in 7 of the records in the enormous DNA database contains errors, but they really have absolutely no idea of how accurate the data is or not. The database is the largest in the world and the police want the power to be able to stuff it full of even more peoples details by being able to take and store samples of people for doing as little as being accused of dropping litter, then innocent or guilty once the data is in the database there is no way that it is being taken off again.

The police have also been given another new power today thanks to the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 which will let them ban people an area (which is very broadly defined) for 2 days. No trial (labour doesn't like trials), no evidence, just a policeman's say so.


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The dangers of an intrusive state are all around us. The really big danger is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to exist at the margin. Imagine if police had all these powers and technological aids at the time when homosexuality was a crime. Gays would have found it almost impossible to live beneath the radar and would not have been able to organize and achieve a change in an iniquitous law.
Add to that the fact that the protection of the law is increasingly denied to us and we find ourselves stumbling into a police state.
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